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The politics of the 21st century

Lefties and Righties

Socialists are to the left of liberals. Most liberals are Democrats, although some have wandered over to the Green party. Republicans are right-wingers. Most Republicans are conservative. What does conservative mean? Do they want to conserve the environment? Do they want to conserve the 2nd amendment? Do they want to conserve a woman's right to choose an abortion? Do they want to conserve a separation between church and state? Click here for Bill Gates.

San Francisco Giants

It may just be that the Giants have seen the last of Hunter Pence this season, and what a loss it will be. Pence is not only the offensive catalyst, but his presence both on the field and in the clubhouse is immense. Right now, the right fielder has been relegated to the dugout, and that may not change any time soon as he re-injured his surgically repaired hamstring muscle a few days ago. The Giants are now just one game behind the first-place Dodgers in the National League West entering the games of Aug. 27. Click here for your San Francisco Giants!

Pax West

Pax West is a yearly gaming convention that's sponsored by the infamous web comic, Penny Arcade. What makes Pax West interesting is that, it's for both consumers and developers to mingle, with the developers showing off their upcoming or recent games to potential distributors or customers. Now, this doesn't just mean video games, but also card and board games, and everything in between. People dress up, go to panels, and meet their favoriter online Gamers.

Personal Responsibility

The name of the game is personal responsibility. That means that you just need to take care of yourself and not care about things like community involvement, poor people, or the obscene gap between the rich and poor in this country.