A short boardgame review page, talking about the latest games I've played with friends.
Brief information about the games along with the impression my friends and I got from them.
Included are links with more infomation about the games
and a review rating out of 5 stars.

Publisher: Nauvoo Games
This is like a mix of Pictionary and Taboo, where your team and the opposing team are trying to guess for the same word. Clues are allowed, but with strict rules on what type of clues, and whether or not you know your team well enough to guess based on your own train of thoughts can make this a fun thinky type of game. Although with not enough caffeine in our systems, we did have fun playing this and trying to figure out what the keyword was before the other team could guess.
Party Games / ★★★★☆
Campy Creatures
Publisher: Keymaster Games
A throwback to 60s & 70s 'horror' flicks, this game puts you as the evil, possibly mad, scientist, needing to find and sacrifice mere mortals to finish up you grand and possibily evil plans. To do this, you send out your supernatural creatures to capture the unsuspecting mortals. The visuals are well done and nostalgia inducing and the gameplay simple enough to pick up. Vying for a limited number of mortals and using only a limited number of creatures makes this all about strategy and bluffing your way to get the most victims, all the why trying to screw the other scientists. Very fun but can be frustrating if you can't out bluff the others. Def a group favorite.
Sci-Fi Bluffing / ★★★★☆
Publisher: Green Couch Games
In an anthropomorphic wild west, you're vying for the deputy sherif spot and are on a race with other candidates to capture the most ruthless outlaws before your jail cell fills up. Similar to the game BS, one has to bluff and figure out what the others are going to put down as their outlaws to capture, hoping to caputre some furry or feathered fiends. A quick and fun game to play in a group, with lovely artwork on the card.
Quick Deduction / ★★★★★
Lazer Ryderz
Publisher: Greater Than Games
Going back to the future past with some 80s space punk, is a game that is brilliantly packaged as a blast from the future past! You play intergalactic heroes racing for crystals to open a dimension to another place. Reminiscent of Tron's light cycles, you're doing your best to not crash into others and grab your crystals. Complete with an 80s soundtrack, this game is fun for everyone who barely remembers the 80s if they're under 40. Reccomended for all!
Party Games / ★★★★★