Table of CNIT 132A Homework Assignments
Homework Assignment Notes & Difficulties
HMWK #1 - Basic Web Site Getting the hang of new CSS3 selectors, and minifying.
HMWK #2A - Grid Layout Not a fan of percentages and figuring out numbers.
HMWK #2B - Flex Layout A little tricky in figuring out the order of operations.
HMWK #3 - Accessible Movie List It was hard to figure out WAI.
HMWK #4 - Download Link for .HAML file Not too hard, just remembering the indents.
HMWK #5 - Download Link for .SASS file Tried to get fancy with the variables, but just went basic.
HMWK #6.1 - Animated Plane Finding exactly what I wanted to animate was tricky, and mainly just typos tripping me up a lot.
HMWK #6.2 - House Shapes Was simple enough.